Prayer Focus For Our Church

Prayer Focus


Healing: There are many things that I feel the Godfrey First United Methodist Church needs healing. The first part of the healing process is to admit that we need it. Here are some of the things that I would suggest we spend time in prayer for healing: transition of me serving as your new pastor; physical healing of those in need; those going through grief; and healing of past events that left scars in the church.

Vision: Where is God leading us as a church? Where is he leading us in the different ministries of the church? What is he calling you and the other members of the church to step forward to serve?

Sunday School: I believe that we have a fantastic opportunity within our Sunday School ministry. We need to pray for the children, the teachers, and most of all – the movement of the Holy Spirit within this area. Along with this we need to pray for our adult studies. There is a thirst for God’s Word that I believe we need to address.

Community Outreach: There was a story once shared with me that asked a question: if your church was removed from the face of the earth, would anyone in the community miss it? We have a place to serve and I believe we need to find more ways of reaching the people that live right next door. Sharing the gospel, helping with the needs, and bringing a connection of peace. Please pray for God’s direction on how we can truly be the church!


The above items were the prayer focus for the 24-hour prayer vigil, which I believe was a complete success. If you were unable to participate in the vigil, would you please take this list and make them a part of your daily prayer time. Also, I would like to hear what God has placed on your hearts about these items. What did God share with you? Thanks again!


Pastor Steven (Chappy) Friese

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