Children and Youth Ministries

Children’s Ministry

Our Mission: Bringing Children to Christ and Christ to Children

Sunday Children’s Ministries:

Sunday School – 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Classes for children preschool through 5th grade

JAM (Jesus and Me): Age-appropriate Christian education during the 10:45 AM worship service following the children’s chat.

Vacation Bible School:

Every summer we host a vacation Bible school for all children in this age group who are looking for fun activities and to learn how Christ can be a part of their lives through this activity. VBS is a great opportunity to get to know the children and families in our church and community.

We welcome all children to come and learn how Christ can be a part of their lives


Youth Ministry

GPS Youth Ministry Logo

The GPS Youth Ministry (GPS) is a middle & high school age youth group. GPS helps to develop awareness and understanding of faith and of God’s presence in our everyday lives. This is done through the following:

Grow – Learn and understand the teachings of Jesus and how they apply to today’s young adult world.

Participate – By direct involvement in Christian fellowship activities to reinforce Christian awareness.

Share – By spreading Christian fellowship to the community through involvement, donations and fundraising to help those in need.

GPS Lesson by JoeGPS Kids Polar plunge GPS Youth team buildingGPS Youth at play







If you are a young adult trying to understand how it all  fits together,  GPS may be the right place for you. It will help you examine your life, your choices, and your place in God’s plan.

The GPS Youth Ministry meets Sunday evenings from 6 to 7:30 PM. This group is very active and can be followed on Facebook.


Wailing Wall

The youth have created a Wailing Wall of prayer. It is located in the Godfrey First United Methodist Church. It is modeled after the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where Jesus taught, and Jews and Christians travel from around the world to offer prayer. They write prayers on pieces of paper and fit them into the cracks of the wall. It is said that the prayers act is the mortar that holds the wall together.

You are invited to write a prayer down on a card, folded up, and place it in the crack of the wall. The youth will pray over the cards without ever looking at them. Every couple of months, they will say a final prayer over them before burning them. Please feel free to place your prayer card on this wall at any time.

Wailing WallWailing Wall with Kids GPS Kids building Wailing Wall 1GPS Kids building Wailing Wall 2








Ignite Logo




Ignite is a community wide, non-denominational middle school youth choir who, through its young voices, is committed to shining the light of Christ before others in song, speech, conduct, love, and faith.

Ignite Performance 1Ignite Youth Choir 2017







For further information please contact the church office or Joe Leonard at 618-973-2244.  Follow the Ignite Choir on Facebook.