Free Will – Choose Good

This week’s article is written by Iris Saaf, a member of Godfrey First United Methodist Church, 1100 Airport road.

Look out your window! You can’t help but see the glory of spring all around you. If you are fortunate enough to live in a forest like we do, you are blessed with the beautiful green leaves that are coming out of every branch. If you stop and think about how the seasons come about, you have to believe in a higher power that put all these things together so carefully.

We choose to call that higher power God. We believe that God created not only the trees but all that is in the world. That includes us. God gave us something that He did not give trees and plants and that thing is free will. We believe that accounts for some people choosing to do good and others choosing to do evil. If we were more like trees, we would all do good, with no choice to do otherwise. Today we each have that choice to make about how we live our life. Be like the new leaves on the trees and choose good.

Categories: Faith Matters
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