A New Devotional Series

When Paul visited Athens, he faced a dynamic, multicultural world that was hostile to the fledgling Christian movement. In his famous Mars Hill speech, Paul chose to use to popular pagan poems in his argument for Jesus Christ. Our culture is shaped by movies, literature, art, and music (the arts) where God also needs to be brought alongside in the conversation. In the form of musings based on Paul’s Mars Hill witness, Dan Nickel has developed a weekly devotional series that will use the Arts and Scripture to help you nurture and defend your faith and share meaningful narratives. Narratives whose imagery will link the Arts, your faith and your imagination to the grand narrative of God’s salvation story.

This weekly devotion will be sent as a one-page PDF every Sunday night to the email addresses of those interested in receiving the devotion. These devotions will also be posted to this website for all to use. If you are interested in receiving the weekly devotion via email, please sign up at the back of the sanctuary. Thank you for your interest in receiving an Arts and scripture devotion each Sunday evening. The initial version has two attached devotions, which will not be the typical weekly norm. The first devotion (Devotion 1) is definitely on the ‘heavy’ side, apologetic (defense of faith) in nature and is mainly an introduction to the devotional series and an explanation on why I feel spiritually called to write this devotion series.  The second attached devotion (Devotion 2) is a typical weekly devotion. The weekly devotion will be one page.

God Bless!

Dan Nickel

Bringing People to Christ and Christ to People