Capital Campaign

Every bridge begins with an architect’s vision. At Godfrey First UMC, God (our “architect”) has given us a vision: to bring people to Christ and Christ to people. By paying down the debt on our current loan, our church will better be able to accomplish that vision. Lower interest payments mean more funds will be available for the ministries of our church. Together, we can embody our vision as we begin to build the bridge to our future.

Looking Back… We may be 190 years old, but in the last decade we’ve really made HISTORY!

  •  August 2003: The VISION TASK FORCE report sets our course.
  •  September 2003: The BUILDING COMMITTEE goes into action to address the issue of remodeling or relocating.
  • July 2004: PASTOR BRUCE, the “ground preparer and seed planter,” turns his “field” over to PASTOR DON LONG, JR., the “waterer and grower.”
  • July 2005: ALTON FIRST “dissolves and reconnects” with GODFREY FIRST, adding their energy and assets to the growing vision.
  • March 2006: The church membership votes to RELOCATE and BUILD a new place of worship.
  • December 2006: We PURCHASE the 12+ acre property on Airport Road for $313,000.
  • March 2007: We DEDICATE our new property.
  • April 2007: We pledge $1,040,000 in the BUILDING OUR FUTURE campaign.
  • October 2007: CELEBRATION SUNDAY marks our 180th anniversary.
  • June 2008: GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY is held on Airport Road.
  • August 2008: CONSTRUCTION phase begins.
  • May 2009: We relocate from Grace St. to our new facility on Airport Rd.
  • _DSC1360 copy with flag Church Driveway_DSC1352Church Entrance
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